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TEDxGatewayArch Speaker Auditions Will Reopen In 2017

Open call is now closed for the 2016 event. Stay tuned for more information about speaker auditions for 2017!

Audition Info

  • Maximum of 30 applicants will be accepted.
  • Snacks and water will be provided.
  • Each person will have THREE MINUTES to present his or her idea. We’ll be evaluating three things:
    • does the talk meet our speaker selection criteria (download the speaker selection guide).
    • how does it fit in with other talks already scheduled.
    • how well does the individual present their topic idea

The Speaker Selection Committee will be taking notes during the audition, and will meet immediately afterwards to compare notes and make recommendations on whom we should follow up with. We’ll follow up with every speaker within one month to let him or her know the outcome of the auditions.

Open call is now closed

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