One Idea

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” -Robin Williams

The key to an exceptional TEDx talk is one good idea, shared well. It sounds simple but it’s not. It must be one idea; not a theme, a topic, a platitude or a general truth. It should be specific enough to sum up in one or two sentences.   Global Warming is a topic. Follow Your Passion is a platitude. Coming of Age is a theme.  The Beauty of Simplicity is a general truth. The idea you are looking for is specific!  It’s new!  It’s factual and realistic!  It should be something surprising which informs us, which makes us challenge a belief or look at an old idea in a new light. 

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What The US Senate Could Learn From TEDxGatewayArch

This is something that I’ve spent time thinking about, because we at TEDxGWA want to have a positive influence in our community and I’m confident United States Senators would like to do the same.

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Updates From Past Speakers - Vol. 1

Those who have graced the TEDxGatewayArch stage over the years have been some of the most influential, inspiring, and industry-leading folks in our region. What have our past speakers been up to? Well let me tell you...


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TEDFest 2017

Mich Hancock & Steve Sommers spent the week in NYC at 2017 TEDFest. They watched the live TED simulcast with fellow TEDx organizers from around the world.

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Cortex/CET: The Future of Work in St. Louis

What are we, St. Louis? What is our identity? What do we want to be? Just a baseball town? A beer town? How about making St. Louis a technological and entrepreneurial hotbed? The kind of city that invites and fosters some of the brightest young minds that this region and country have to offer?

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I've Become a TEDx Tourist

Since the inception of TEDx in 2009 there have been over 10,000 local events held all around the globe.  Last weekend I went to Tennessee to attend my fifth out of town TEDx event and it was a blast.

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